Meet Animals/Sponsor

In about 2002 (before meeting my current husband, Chris) I took Coco (Cocker Spaniel) into my home. It was obvious, right away, that he had been abused by men, in his past.  He would run from men and pee on the floor if they got too close or tried to touch him. He was 2 years old and I was already his 3rd (and last) home.  What a character! He's a senior now and mostly def. Such a lovable guy!

Coco's monthly expenses are about $30/mth, for sponsorship.

Coco is pretty happy about his haircut

Coco snoozing in the garden

In December, 2006 we brought "Winnie" Winchester (Labrador Retriever) home.  It was the day we found out that we were going to have our daughter, Willow, and I joked for years that it was the last good night's sleep I was to ever have as he seemed to have his days and nights mixed up for about the 1st 6 years or so. ;-)

In 2006 Chris was not yet vegan, or even close (see Chris' story here.  In many ways he had very different values than my own (see my story here). We bought our precious Winnie from a breeder.  Chris has evolved since then and now knows why I was reluctant to say yes. I'm proud to say that he (we) would never support such an industry again. Please adopt/rescue!

Baby Winnie

Big Winnie

In 2013 Chris and I started our journey together, of adoption. Of animals, that is!! We saw our little BeagleX at our local Humane Society and we knew she was destined to come into our home. We found out that she (and her siblings) we taken from their mother (by the Humane Society) at 4 weeks of age so they could give the mother a better chance at being adopted from a breed specific rescue. They were all so tiny and cute. It was heartbreaking to see them so young, without a mom. But, at least they had eachother! Being so young, they had to remain at the Humane Society until they reached the 8 week adoption age.

What a handful!!  Before actually seeing her, Chris always said, "No Beagles, they are escape artists!" Boy, was he right! She spent the first 2 years escaping everything we tried with our fencing. No matter how high he made them, she could climb it.  He finally installed a 6 ft chain link fence that she's YET to escape from. SO clever.

It's also worth mentioning that despite the fact that she's the smallest, youngest and only female, she is the head of our clan, easily.

Autumn's monthly expenses are about $30/mth, for sponsorship.

Baby Autumn

Willow & Autumn

September 2015 we accepted 9 budgies into our home that had been neglected.  The person (a breeder) had Alzheimers and was removed from her home.

It's amazing the personalities of each bird but the most amazing was the transformation of Sunny.  She was the worst-looking and least active off all 9 birds.  She came to us in a small rabbit cage and was missing all the feathers from the back of her neck.  She is now the most active!

The budgie's monthly expenses are about $20/mth, for sponsorship.

Sunny - now the most active of the 9 budgies - playing under a newspaper

3 of 9 rescued budgies

February 2016 these lovely ladies were surrendered by their person who has Cystic Fibrosis. She was told by her doctor that medical treatment could be denied to her from having pets such as Guinea Pings and fish. A friend of a friend told us about their dilemma so of course we were willing to help.

Buttercup and Dusty's monthly expenses are about $30/mth, or $15 each, for sponsorship.

Dusty and Princess Butercup

Harley is a pot belly pig, who's family was going through divorce, and they had 1-2 wks to find him a new place to go.  He is currently in FOSTER CARE and awaiting for our farm to be available to him! He is currently an indoor piggy and will remain so unless he decides otherwise. ;-)

We estimate Harley's monthly expenses to be approximately $35/mth and he will be able to be sponsored once he comes to live at our farm.

Harley - currently in foster care, awaiting our farm!

If you would like to make a one-time donation, a monthly donation or sponsor an animal, please click on the 'Buy Now' icon at the top right of the page. Donations help to shelter and feed a rescued/surrendered animal and means we can help more animals in the future. Anyone sponsoring a specific animal will have his/her name listed as the sponsor under the animal's description. Donations are in Canadian funds and we are privately owned/operated.

Find the GGFSanctuary needs/help page HERE for a list of needed items or how else you can help.

The humans and animals alike, of GGFSanctuary, thank you!